About us

Let us shed light on the history
of the our Made in Italy brand

Industrial LED company Zetacube

Zetacube was born out of the Kablac brand and the same enthusiasm that has driven the company since its inception in 1987. Interpreting the lighting industry as a compelling challenge, we used our know-how in designing integrated systems with LED technology to create a new strategic division that would deal exclusively with with: technical luminaires using state-of-the-art LED sources. For this reason, to date, we exclusively use Bridgelux COB and Nichia LED, with high efficiency and CRI above 90. An ambitious goal, which took us further than we could have imagined: today, our components illuminate the design environments of … countries around the world, through our customers.

Zetacube is different in concept from all other luminaire manufacturers. Interwoven in its DNA are many years of expertise, creative flair and a tailor-made attitude. Our projects are true tailor-made suits, sewn to the customer’s measure, to maximise the prestige and exclusivity of their design spaces.


. Sale of finished product


. Defining customised solutions


. Design and installation assistance