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New approaches to the impossible

The primary mission of our custom designs is to exceed even your most ambitious expectations. Today, Zetacube LED solutions create effective architectural lighting for settings with an exclusive character and illuminate the halls of prestigious museums, uniquely designed private homes and indoor and outdoor areas of yachts with original lighting points. We create the suggestions you dream of, relying on top-quality products and the know-how of our in-house technicians.

In order to make your spaces extraordinary and the experience of those who live in them equally unrepeatable, we take advantage of the modularity of our lighting solutions and a strictly customised design, allowing you to incorporate Zetacube components into your sophisticated design projects.

What does the person who chose Zetacube tell us?

  • "Creativity today can always find new forms of expression, and this makes the interior design sector decidedly more competitive. Standing out is a constant challenge, which can be met by the most revolutionary lighting designs: Zetacube is capable of changing the game and making every space truly unique."
    FGGeneral Contractor - Interior Design


More than 10 years of experience and the history of the parent company Kablac.


Our production effectively supports your originality.

Wide product range

A choice of components to meet every need.


We create exclusivity, following the desire to innovate.

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