The perfect harmony between performance and emotion,
for outfitting yachts and boats

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Boat lighting, indoor and outdoor

The products designed for the naval sector balance the most advanced technical performance and a marked ability to create emotions. The usability and visual comfort of the environments is ensured by the quality of the solutions in the catalogue, while the infinite installation possibilities make it possible to create lighting scenes with a high emotional impact.

In the context of prestige yachts, the lighting concept is decidedly essential and serves as a key tool to enlarge spaces, enhance details of individual rooms and highlight materials used in furniture and decoration. The extremely satisfying rendering of LED solutions is combined with the excellent finishes and uniqueness of our customised designs to convey the purest idea of luxury and exclusivity without compromise.

What does the person who chose Zetacube tell us?

  • FL
    "Of the Zetacube brand, I especially appreciated the great compositional freedom that the products leave to the designer, which allows him to build exactly the lighting scenes imagined in the design phase. The Italian know-how can be felt and appreciated in every construction detail."
    FLNaval Interior Designer


Resistance to salt attack and easy maintenance.


Smooth dimming makes it easy to vary the light setting.

Small packaging

The small size makes the components manageable.


Qualified skills to operate in the world of boats.

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