New ZCube website: shedding light on digital innovation

The world of architecture is undergoing an epochal transformation, moving in symbiosis with the most refined digital technologies. Conceived in a different way, designed with advanced modelling systems and realised with pioneering processes, interior and exterior environments nowadays tell new dynamics and aim to upset the perceptions of those who visit them.


ZetaCube lighting projects aim to enhance spaces and evoke emotional reactions in those who are called upon to experience them. Always approaching innovation with curiosity and openness, we have chosen to take a different path: we have also decided to revolutionise our virtual space, moving into the universe of digital communication with the same pioneering attitude that guides our path in lighting technology.



Spotlight on what is useful to you

The sections of the new ZetaCube website have the vocation of acting as spotlights illuminating the most salient aspects of our business. We know that to manage ambient light, whatever it may be, effectively you need to know the purpose of the project and the target group of people who will interact with it.


We used the same workflow to build our web space, gathering detailed information about our potential customers’ needs and creating a digital environment designed to meet their requirements. This is why, as you navigate through the pages of the ZetaCube website, you will feel as if you are being accompanied by one of our consultants to discover a digital showroom, where you can find all the details and information you need about our products.



The ZetaCube lighting experience in a digital version

If from the About Us section you can enjoy a comprehensive overview of ZetaCube’s history, its values and the philosophy that guides our team, leafing through the pages relating to the sectors in which we operate you will notice a spotlight on the three main areas of application of our lighting solutions.

The modularity of the digital space we have designed, in collaboration with qualified digital advisors, has allowed us to leave ample space for our products, the beating heart of our brand. By browsing through the relevant section, you can discover the technical characteristics of each component, delve into its possible fields of use and guess the quality that would make it perfect for your lighting scenes.


In addition to offering you up-to-date and comprehensive product sheets, we have also made available to you catalogues and technical data-sheets, all collected in the Download section and ready to be downloaded and consulted wherever you need them.



Fancy new light architecture? Contact us!

Getting in touch with ZetaCube’s engineers is even easier, thanks to our new digital space, which is designed to combine satisfying aesthetics with maximum functionality, just like all our indoor and outdoor lighting projects.


To enhance the constant dialogue we love to have with you, we have decided to expand the news section, which will be enriched, from now on, with constantly updated insights into the world of ambient lighting, for the nautical sector, for furniture and for your most exclusive custom projects.


Just click on Quote to start creating your ideal space thanks to our know-how and the use of Made in Italy quality components. Thanks to a tailor-made approach, we can support you whatever the stage of your project, to integrate our solutions in your environments or to design, together, customised spaces and components, tailored to your creativity.

Would you like to communicate with us directly and personally? Just enter the Contact section: here you will find our telephone numbers, email addresses to write to, and directions to our headquarters. The customer has always been a focal point for the ZetaCube world and we are happy to start our collaboration from a human and direct interaction, which can lead us towards the realisation of original and out-of-the-ordinary projects. In a word: unmistakable.